By Air

Gimhae International Airport in Busan is the 19th largest airport in Asia and in the Pacific.

Flights are available between Seoul’s two airports (Incheon and Gimpo) and Gimhae Airport in Busan with a flight time of just over one hour. Korean Air and Jeju Air are the two main carriers serving this route, with more than 13 flights daily, generally on the hour from 7am.

Check transportation if you travel to Gimhae via Incheon airport in Seoul as you may have to transfer to Gimpo Airport, about a 30-minute bus ride from Incheon International Airport. The following two buses travel to Gimpo Airport from Incheon for a fare of approx. 7,500 KRW. Tickets are available at Transportation Information Counters (near exits 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13 on the 1st floor).

By train

Perhaps the most efficient method of travel between Seoul and Busan is the KTX, or Korea Train eXpress; Korea’s high-speed rail link that connects various cities. The Seoul-Busan line is one of four lines (also known as the Gyeongbu Line) that run throughout the country. It’s worth noting that the KTX lines generally all run north to south, with hardly any lines running east to west.

The departure point in Seoul is Seoul Station, while the Busan Station in Nampo-dong is the arrival and departure point for the 350-km/hr KTX in Busan. To reach Seoul station you can take the bus or subway.

Subway to Seoul Station

The Airport Rail Express (AREX) line connects Incheon Airport to Seoul Station. All-stop trains run at an average interval of 12 minutes from 05:23 to 23:57 and take about 56 minutes. Express trains run at an average interval of 30 minutes and take about 45 minutes. See the AREX website for time-tables for All-stop and Express trains.

Fares range between approximately 4,000 ~ 15,000 KRW, depending on type of train and discounts. Please check the AREX website for fare information for All-stop and Express trains. Tickets can be purchased at Information Centers located in Incheon Airport.

On the train, you have three tiers to choose from: First Class, Economy, and Standing / Non-reserved. If you don’t manage to book a seated Economy ticket in time, then you’ll be allocated a Standing ticket in one of the Economy cars.
Travel time is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. Tickets are available for purchase at the stations, on the KTX website, or via travel agents, with bookings closing an hour before the train’s departure. The cost for an Economy ticket is approx 60,000 KRW.

Besides the KTX, there are also the ITX and Mugunghwa trains which serve the Gyeongbu Line, but these are slower, taking up to 5 hours.