Welcome Message

Welcome Message
I would like to cordially invite you to 10th KSME-JSME Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (TFEC10) will be held at Busan, Korea on March 10~13, 2021. It is my honor to announce TFEC10 and be a Conference Chair who runs this meeting with Prof. Yuji Suzuki, The University of Tokyo.

Thermal and fluids phenomena are associated with a variety of interesting fields of science and engineering such as energy generation, conversion and transport, environmental pollution, and moving vehicles. The subject bearing such an importance to the welfare of mankind, many researchers have been and will be attracted to the challenging problems in thermal and fluids engineering. Therefore, the conference in Busan aims to provide an invaluable opportunity to expand our knowledge and understanding on thermal and fluids engineering, and to promote the friendship of our research communities.

In meanwhile, I am confident that this conference will be meaningful in keeping with the tradition of previous conferences recognizing the needs for stimulation of the exchange of ideas and results, both Societies of Mechanical Engineers in Japan and Korea agreed to provide a conference for such an exchange. The first KSME-JSME Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference was started in 1988 in Seoul. After the successful meeting, both Societies agreed to hold conferences separately for thermal and fluids engineering from the Second. For the Fluids Engineering Conference, the Second was held in 1990 in Seoul, the Third in 1994 in Sendai, the Fourth in 1998 in Busan, and the Fifth in 2002 in Nagoya. For the Thermal Engineering Conference, the Second was held in 1992 in Kitakyushu, the Third in 1996 in Gyeongju, and the Fourth in 2000 in Kobe. After TFEC6, both Societies agree to reunite two separate conferences into one conference, was held in Jeju, 2005. Next TFEC meetings were held in Sapporo 2008, Songdo 2012, and Okinawa 2017.

The conference venue, Busan, is the second largest city in Korea. Since the Korean War, Busan has repeatedly made remarkable development and has grown into a mecca of maritime logistics with world-class super ports, as well as becoming a gateway city to the Eurasian continent connected with the world. With its warm climate and beautiful environment, Busan is also the successful hosting of various international events and well known as the tourism city that people from all over the world continuously visit. I hope you come to TFEC10 and enjoy the city as well.

Han Seo Ko

Professor, Sungkyunkwan University
Conference Chair, Organizing Committee of TFEC10